What is a mattress protector and what is it used for?

A mattress protector is a protective element that covers the top and sides of our mattress, as it is covered by a sheet. But unlike sheet, mattress protectors are waterproof, fully breathable, and they protect mattresses from dust. One of the main functions of a mattress protector is to keep the mattress clean and provide a comforting rest. Thanks to the mattress protector, your mattress will be protected from mites, random liquids such as water or wine, and even from such problems as incontinence.

Kamasana offers you mattress pads with an excellent filling and a wide variety of fabrics and materials that will bring you total comfort and relax. You can choose from a number of options:

- waterproof mattress pads that protect our mattress from liquids and at the same time they are also breathable, which will allow our skin to breathe preventing heat;
- quilted mattress pads;
- reversible mattress pads;
- mattress pads filled with organic cotton or aloe vera.

Among high qualities and advantages of Kamasana mattress protectors we can note breathability, waterproof, they are noiseless and made from natural 100% cotton. All this is the best choice and the guarantee of a healthy sleep.

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