This mattress protector is one of the cross-functional protectors, which has breathable and waterproof features, and it is recommended to all types of the mattresses. The upper layer is made from 100% cotton with AIGIS surface treatment, with a polyurethane base, applied under pressure without glueing additives. The advantage of this mattress pad is that it doesn’t heat up from the temperature of the human body, and doesn’t make noise during movement. Thanks to its cover, Actipur protector saves the mattress from any contamination and prevents the appearance of dust mites.
Also, this protector is elastic and well stretched that will allow you to use it on smaller mattresses (mattress pad has a fastening on a contour elastic ribbon).

Fabric: terry 100% cotton 180 g/m².

Backing: PU polyester by induction.

Skirt: terry 100% cotton.

Adaptable mattresses height 25 cm.

anti-mites-barrier waterproof breathable skirt-terry aegis bci oeko-tex made-in-spain


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