ESTEL is a protective and breathable mattress protector, which is recommended for all types of the mattresses. The surface of the mattress pad is made from natural TENCEL fibre, which is an excellent thermoregulator with a high level of breathability and waterproof, which protects the mattress from any contamination and appearance of dust mites.
Also, ESTEL mattress protector is elastic and well stretched that will allow you to use it on smaller mattresses (mattress pad has a fastening on a contour elastic ribbon).

Fabric: 100% Tencel.

Backing: PU Polyurethane by induction.

Skirt: Jersey 100% cotton.

Adaptable mattresses height ± 25 cm.

anti-mites-barrier waterproof breathable skirt-jersey thermo-regulator tencel oeko-tex made-in-spain


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