It is a protective and breathable mattress protector with high thermoregulatory features, which is recommended for all types of the mattresses. The main feature of this mattress pad is that its upper and bottom layers are made from 100% cotton, which provides users with maximal comfort during sleep as its surface doesn’t heat up from the human body temperature and doesn’t make extra noise during movement. Thanks to ‘aqua-stop’ membrane, this mattress protector doesn’t let moisture through, but at the same time, it has a high level of air conduction. Besides, due to its cover, it is totally protected from the appearance of dust mites and any contamination.
Also, this protector is elastic and well stretched that will allow you to use it on smaller mattresses (mattress pad has a fastening on a contour elastic ribbon).

Fabric: 100% combed cotton on both sides with a PU inner layer.

Adaptable mattresses height 30 cm.

anti-mites-barrier reversible cotton-100 waterproof breathable oeko-tex made-in-spain


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