Size: 70 x 35 x 14

Core's material: material with open cells Memo Anatomic No Presion + Polargel Memo.

Pillow case: removable, with zip; thermostatic Coolmax fabric; composition: 100% polyester.

Cover of core: removable, with zip; technical insulation tissue TNT; 100% Polyester.

The pillow has two sides of comfort — one side with an insert Polargel is more anatomic with ideal level of comfort, the other side of the Air Memo material provides moderate comfort and natural support for the cervical spine. The combination of two materials in one pillow ensure the presence of two different levels of comfort and the effect of «winter-summer».


Thermostatic Coolmax fabric due to its high breathability and the perfect capillary properties of fibers — instantly removes heat from the back of the head, quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture. In conjunction with the сore`s material Polargel perfectly copes with the task of creating a comfortable environment for sleep.
Through the through-holes (perforations), guaranteed breathability and quick removal heat and moisture. Pillow «Breathes».

Name Comfort
of the sides
Baby Ideal Moderate
Anatomic Ideal Moderate
Comodo Ideal Moderate
Memogel Ideal
Polargel Moderate Moderate
Voyage Ideal Moderate
Pool Soy Firm
Espanola – 150 Ideal Resilient
Technomind Moderate
Orthopedic Soft Moderate
Orthopedic Algodon Moderate Moderate

icon_cover memo memo-polargel breathable thermostatic two-sides

effects_2 level-dual coolmax made-in-spain


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