Relax Standart

Height: 27 cm
Series: Standart
System of comfortable sleep Standart Relax Soft

The core`s composition: 

1. Anatomical material Viscoelastic Ikon®
(density 50 кg/m³, compression 1,60 Kpa). h = 50 mm.
2. Material basis Orto Firm Bassic®
(density 50 кg/m³, compression 3,50 Kpa). h = 195 mm


The case of the core: 

Thermostatic fabric Silk Beig. Composition: 3% silk + 24% viscose + 73% polyester. Тhermoregulation. Material Memo Body Ikon® sewn into the case — instant comfort.

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The structure oft he core provides the correct position of the spine, regardless hte weight and bodyh eight. The bottom layer of the core is responsible for the orthopedic support and a comfortable top layer helps to relax the muscles and facilitate free circulation of blood and lymph. Thick springless mattress, but with a fairly high level of comfort.

Recommended for all (age, weight, height, sex) users, because the materials wich are used perfectly distribute the weight load and provide elastic support for the spine.

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