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It is a unique high-rated quilted mattress pad, which has antiallergenic properties. Thanks to special surface treatment this mattress pad ensures the protection from dust mites, prevents asthmatic reactions and allergies. SANIPUR mattress pad is very firm, but it feels soft to the touch due to the terry cotton. One more feature of this mattress protector – it is quilted with ultrasound, which provides it with a high level of strength to abrasion, scratches and other surface damages that may occur in the use of other mattress pads. What is more interesting, Sanipur is a reversible protector. It means that it has summer and winter sides, which lets to choose the best variant for usage at any time you want.

Summer Fabric: curl 100% cotton 180 g/m².

Winter Fabric: PES microfiber.

Filling: 100% polyester thermo bounded 180 g.

Skirt: PES microfiber.

Adaptable mattresses height 30 cm

summer-winter skirt-pes anti-mites-treatment

sanitized made-in-spain oeko-tex bci


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