Relax Neropur

Height: 31 cm
Series: Premium
Perfect System comfortable sleep (MEDIUM COMFORT) 

The core`s composition: 

1. The resilient elastic material Memo NEROPUR®
(density 50 kg/m³, compression 2,70 Kpa). h = 56 mm.
2. Material basis Orto Medium Resilén®
(density 50 кg/m³, compression 2,70 Kpa). h = 73 mm.
3. Material basis Orto Medium Resilén®
(density 50 кg/m³, compression 3,40 Kpa). h = 154 mm.


The case of the core: 

Thermostatic fabric Tencel Pure. Composition: 37% Tencel (liocel) + 63% polyester. Тhermoregulation. Material Memo Body Ikon® sewn into the case — instant comfort

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RELAX NEROPUR mattress is a unique ‘VIP’ class mattress based on oil flowers of a sour orange that has high strength and elasticity. During resting on it you will feel the orange and honey NEROPUR flavour which acts as an antidepressant, destresses and combats insomnia. All this will provide you with maximum comfort and relax you after your working day.
The block of the mattress has soft anatomic upper layers with memory effect, which provide our users with the most optimum comfort for sleeping, and orthopedic bottom layers made from Orto Resilen® material, which provides the ideal position of the spine and the skeleton during whole sleep and rest.
Besides, the block of this mattress has seven anatomic zones, which adapt the mattress to the places with significant weight loads, prevent the mattress surface from deformation, which eventually leads to maximal comfort throughout the night.
The cover of RELAX NEROPUR mattress is made from thermostatic TENCEL PURE fabric with high breathability level that provides you with comfort microclimate on the mattress surface (you sleep on a dry surface and with comfort all the night).

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