Keys to a good feng shui bedroom

Keys to a good Feng Shui bedroom

We think that many of us know such discipline as Feng Shui. According to this discipline, the objects in the places we live should be arranged in a way that brings calm, balance, good health, well-being, and warm relations. Everyone of us has a favourite room, but there is only one where we spend a third of our lifetime – our bedroom. That is why it requires special conditions without any doubts.

Of course, our bed is the main element and the centre of our bedroom, isn’t it? Taking this into account, absolutely everything must be concentrated on it. However, we also need to keep the right proportions in the whole room. At first, let’s look how we need to put our bed, according to Feng Shui:

1. A bed should be back-to-wall, avoiding the sharp corners of other furniture.
2. Our bed can’t be placed with the foot to a door.
3. Preferably that each sleeper can freely approach his side of the bed.
4. A bed should never be placed very close to a window because it can cause a sense of vulnerability.
5. Areas related to water supply (such as pipes) are also not the best option for placing a bed since the water flow can interfere a good and healthy sleep.

Besides, often in our bedroom, there are other objects that can interrupt our rest, since they can cause nervousness and desire to do something, for example, computers, TVs, writing desks, sports equipment and so on. It is better to place all these items in other rooms because our bedroom serves for relaxation and pleasant pastime. Moreover, it’s not a good idea to have mirrors in the bedroom because our movements reflect there, which leads to discomfort and sometimes even to fright. But if you can’t be without a mirror, it is better to place it somewhere where you won’t see your reflection.

Now let’s speak about the healthy and comfortable atmosphere. First of all, you need to do the cleaning in your bedroom. And now we are not talking about dirt, dust, and washing floors. From time to time you need to put in order your wardrobes, chest of drawers, and get rid of unnecessary things. Doing this you will normalize the flows of good energy. Also, the objects that bring you positive emotions and memories will be the ideal design for your bedroom. But you need to refuse from flowers because according to Feng Shui they generate extra energy that doesn’t allow you to relax and rest.

We hope that this article has helped you and has given you a lot of interesting ideas because our main task is to take care of your sleep!

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