How to choose the right orthopedic mattress

How to choose the right orthopedic mattress?

Choosing and purchasing the right orthopedic mattress is very responsible and not an easy thing, because the mattress must be not only comfortable but also useful. To understand whether it is good for you or not, you need to test it – to lie on your back, stomach, sides, to feel the mattress, and understand your feelings. The thing is that too firm mattress can put pressure on your spine, and too soft will let it sag. Both of these variants can lead to pain in the back and neck, and your muscles won’t rest, which will prevent the appearance of a deep sleep phase and the rest in general. Of course, before you can make your decision, you will need to test at least three mattresses preferably from different model families.

So, the first thing that you need to take into account choosing the mattress is your height, weight, and the type of the figure. All this is very important. How to understand that you are on the right track? The primary task of each orthopedic mattress is to repeat shapes of the body, supporting it in the waist and sacrum areas, and also to spring in the area of the shoulders and hips. We just want to note that ‘to spring’ doesn’t mean that during the change of position you will hop like on a trampoline. It means that changing the position you won’t feel yourself like on a surfboard. 🙂

Secondly, during testing the mattress, pay more attention to the position of your body and your feelings, especially in the pose you sleep the most. If you mostly sleep on the back, your hips must have a natural position, and your buttocks must immerse in the mattress. Again, we want to clarify that they must immerse in, and not fall in. 🙂 But if you mostly sleep on the side, then the humeral and femoral parts must be immersed in the mattress such a way where the waist gets sufficient support.

Thirdly, considering two previous rules, during testing the mattress you also need to make sure that your shoulders and hips rest upon its base. As a rule, the mattress is better when its base is longer than your height not less than 15 cm. It’s also preferable if the base is 15 cm wider at the location of elbows when your hands lie on your stomach with your fists to each other.

The fourth and the main, stop your choice on the mattress that will be the most comfortable for you where you would like to lie and have a rest after a working day!

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